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Gaming & Esports Consulting Firm with over 16 years of experience in the gaming & esports industry.


We’re gamers at heart.

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Gaming & Esports Strategy

We help to reestablish the direction and vision for the future.

Event & Community Management

Events are emotional experiences that tell a beautiful story of your brand. We support you to reach the right audience in gaming and esports to build a community with.

Digital Consulting

At our firm, we’re listening to every digital community, in every country, every single day.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our strategic expertise ensures that clients and partners recognise all valuable perspectives before mergers and acquisitions (M&A) – and additionally: exploit it after the deal is closed.

Creative Services

To truly understand the digital audience, you must be part of and feel the daily pulse of the many digital community heartbeats.

Influencer & Player Relations

Gaming & Esports influencers rise and fall in an ever-changing gaming and esports industry. We follow the communities on a daily basis and know who are the newest and coolest influencers or players to work with to create the impact you look for.

Sponsorship Sales & Activation

Your audience should never have to endure sponsorship. They should see value in what the sponsor brings to the table to make them buy what you aim to achieve.

Big Data & Technology

The gaming industry offers new ways to measure the behaviour and interests of humans given it’s digital native. The always cool is the internet and that’s where the most are communicating – with their smartphones and computers by using apps and software.

We overdeliver value